PLEASE READ BEFORE CONSIGNING!!! Any item that needs to be retagged by Kids Emporium will be retagged with a blue tag that pays 50%.
Kids Emporium offers clothing sizes newborn through teen/junior/young adult. There is no limit to the sizes on the teen and young adult clothing, but the styles must be in line with today's teens. If a teen won't wear it to school, church, or the beach, don't bring it!

Items we don't accept; maternity, sneakers (unless mint), any potty
items (unless new), stuffed animals, any clothing items older than five years. We don't accept leftovers from yard sales.

Preparing Your Items
Please use WHITE paper only. This lets us know that you earn 60% of your sales. Cut your tags NEATLY on the lines. Write the size on the tag and a BRIEF description ON THE BACK. Only the size goes on the front. DO NOT mark sizes as S, M, or L unless they are teen sizes. Put a number size on each item! Please be nice and neat. This is a kids store, not a seasonal sale. Presentation is important.

Please use safety pins to fasten the tag to the garment... NOT straight pins or clothes pins. DO NOT USE A TAGGING GUN! Use appropriately sized hangers for the size garment you are hanging.  For instance, don't hang a big-kid garment on a toddler hanger. Don't hang baby items on adult wire hangers.

All items should hang with the hanger hooking to the left like a question mark. Place the tag on the right side as you face the garment.

Please press or steam your clothing....presentation is everything! 
Shorts, skirts, and pants:
DO NOT fold pants over the hanger. They should be safety-pinned to the TOP arms of a wire hanger or on a clip-type pants hanger. Do not use clothes pins.

Two-piece sets:
Hang the pants as described above, then put the top over them. Do not pin the pants directly to the shirt. The weight after several days will make holes in your garment!
Do not put shoes in bags. We do NOT sell sneakers unless they are new (or mint). You may put socks in ziploc bags in size lots. Only socks in excellent condition will be accepted.
Please make sure ALL pieces are included. Nobody wants to purchase incomplete or non-working toys.

Baby Equipment/Furniture:
Plan to assemble your crib or bring it already assembled. Cribs in pieces are hard to sell. Law dictates that used mattresses cannot be sold unless they are included with a crib.

Bibs, Onesies, Crib Sheets, Blankets:
You may pin several bibs or onesies together and price as a lot. Baggies are hard to see through and your items will sell better if they can be seen and felt! Bedding is best displayed in a clear zippered comforter bag with a photo of it on the outside.